Our Process

perm_phone_msg Initial Contact

After you make initial contact either via phone, email or by completing out online enquiry form on the right hand side of this page. We will ask questions to gauge exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and also decide if you are wanting us to visit you for a face to face appointment or if you would prefer to handle the whole process using phone / email. We find that some clients would like the face to face meeting initially, but other clients would just like to handle the process using email.

credit_card Research

We would then generally go away and complete some research and come back to you with some options for finance. Every situation is completely different; one client may have 2 x payslips and a 20% deposit and just want us to negotiate the cheapest interest rate we can find, another client may have bad credit and can not show an income, so we would have to find the most suitable lender and product for this client. There are literally hundreds of different scenarios, no two are rarely the same, so the initial contact / consultation is important so we can find out as much information as possible.

description Application

You would then decide on the best option and we would gather the required documents from you mainly by email, and start putting the application together. Once complete the application would be sent to you for signing and we would then submit this to your chosen lender, on your behalf.

location_on Settlement

Once we have a decision from the lender, we would then follow the whole process through for you all the way till settlement. We are on the phone to lenders most of the day following up our clients files making sure everything is moving along as per plan so settlement dates are not delayed. We engage with your solicitor, real estate agent and anyone else that may be part of the process. We literally do not sleep till everything is perfectly on track and on time.

markunread_mailbox Post Settlement

After settlement we are available at any time to answer questions and help with any loan changes or new borrowings you may have, whether its 6 months later or 6 years later, we consider you a client for life and will be available to take your call or email at anytime in the future.

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